Safran Helicopter Engines

Pacific Crown Helicopters is a Certified Maintenance Center and Distributor for Safran Helicopter Engines (previously Turbomeca). PCH is authorised to maintain Arriel 1 and 2 along with Arrius 1 and 2 engines.

With a large inventory of parts, modules and engines ready to ship at a moment’s notice, be sure to contact us first with any urgent requirements.


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Safran Certified Maintenance Center

Upcoming Training Courses 2023

Please contact Alex Bourguignon at for a current schedule and enrollment.
Arriel 2B1 Engine

Arriel 2B1

H125 (AS350 B3+) and H130 (EC130 B4)

Arriel 2C / 2C2 Engine

Arriel 2C / 2C2

AS365 N3+ and H155 (EC155)

Arriel 2D Engine

Arriel 2D

H130 (EC130 T2) and H125 (AS350 B3e)

Arriel 2S1 / 2S2 Engine

Arriel 2S1 / 2S2

Sikorksy S76 C+ / C++

Arriel 1S1 Engine

Arriel 1S1

Sikorsky S76 C

Arriel 2E Engine

Arriel 2E

H145 (EC145)

Arriel 1D1 / 1E2 Engine

Arriel 1E2

EC145 and BK117 C

Arriel 1D1 / 1E2 Engine

Arriel 1D1

AS350 B2

Arrius 1A / 1A1 Engine

Arrius 1A / 1A1

AS355 and AS355 NP

Safran Helicopter Engines Arrius 2F

Arrius 2F

H120 (EC120)

Arrius 2K1 Engine

Arrius 2K1 / 2K2

Leonardo AW109 & AW109 LUH

Arrius 2B1/2B2 Engine

Arrius 2B2 Plus

H135 (EC135 T3)

Arrius 2R Engine

Arrius 2R

Bell 505 Jet Ranger X

Arrius 2B1/2B2 Engine

Arrius 2B1 / 2B2